Woman ‘physically sick’ after new ASOS jumpsuit was ‘stained with period blood’

Woman ‘physically sick’ after new ASOS jumpsuit was ‘stained with period blood’

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An ASOS customer said she’s been put off from using the online retailer after finding period stains in a new jumpsuit she had bought and tried on.

Roxy Williams, from Bishop’s Cleeve, Cheltenham, said she felt ‘physically sick’ when she realised the garment was ‘stained with someone else’s menstrual blood’.

The 36-year-old ordered the £50 floral patterned Desree Akorahson unitard last Saturday and when it arrived on Monday she excitedly tried it on before spotting the ‘disgusting’ blood stain, she told Gloucestershire Live.

Ms Williams said: “I’m tall, so I struggle finding clothes that fit in regular high street shops, which is why I turn to places like ASOS.

“I had already tried the jumpsuit on that morning but it was only when it was laid inside out that I saw the stain.

The jumpsuit had someone else's period blood on it

The jumpsuit had someone else’s period blood on it

“At first I naively thought I’d started my own period early but the stain was dry and it was obvious that it had been worn by someone else. I felt physically sick.”

“I was so angry that ASOS allowed this to happen, and really disgusted by the condition of the jumpsuit.

“I’m so glad I spotted it, because I intended to wear it to work that day.

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“I would have been mortified if I’d left the house in it.

“I know that people buy items online, try them on at home and return them if they don’t fit, but when you buy something new you shouldn’t have to check it for someone else’s bodily fluids.”

Ms Williams has been able to get a refund from ASOS.

However ASOS declined to comment, saying that the issue had been resolved directly with Ms Williams.

But Ms Williams added: “The thought of buying anything from there and having to check it for smells, food stains, or in this case bodily fluids, has definitely put me off.”

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