Boston teens speak out against gun violence

Boston teens speak out against gun violence

BOSTON (WHDH) – Teens in Roxbury are working to end gun violence, holding a rally Saturday to emphasize how youth can also work for change in Boston.

“It’s important that youth my age know that it’s not just like the adults working to make a change in the community but it’s also us, the people that are right around the corner from them and the people they go to school with,” said David Cheltenham, one of the event’s organizers.

The rally, which had live music and food as well as information about employment and resources, was organized by community group Youth RISE, which stands for Realize, Interpret, Stop, Empower — the steps organizers say teens can take to reduce gun violence.

“I’m kind of tired of seeing every other news headline be involved with a gun, whether it be a mass shooting or something local,” said organizer Neil Decouteau.

“It’s just really sad, but I’m just like ‘Oh, someone else died’ and that’s not how it should be,” said organizer Niasia Hughes-Polk

But instead of despairing, organizers said they wanted to inspire fellow young people to take action.

“Helping those underrepresented communities that are underprivileged and don’t have the means to advocate for themselves is essentially kind of a moral, ethical issue that occurs in our community, and by doing this we’ll kind of feel like we have done something as youth rather than, you know, just waiting and not doing anything,” said organizer Idiris Egal.

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